Humata API

The Humata API is the programmatic entry-point for your Humata documents, conversations, and answers.


Here are the 3-steps to use the Humata API after you sign up:

  1. Create a Humata API Key on the Developer Settings Page (Admin only)

  2. Copy your Document IDs from the Humata Dashboard

  1. Make API Requests



Create a conversation with a set of documents. A conversation must be created before asking questions to documents.


Humata allows you to chat with your document via the Ask endpoint. Create a conversation and then ask your documents

Server-Sent Events

The Ask Endpoint returns a stream of server-sent events. Here is a full example of response to the question "Who is George Washington?":

data: { 'content': 'George Washington was ' }
data: { 'content': 'the first ' }
data: { 'content': 'president of the United States[3].' }
data: { 'content': '\n\nReferences - [3]: Page 10 of History of the United States.pdf' }


Each answer from Humata will provide references to the parts of the document that our AI used to answer the question. The format of references is subject to change.


What is the API rate limit?

By default the API rate limit is 120 requests / minute. This rate limit can be increased by request. Please reach out to to get this limit raised.

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